What Causes the Grapevine to be Active

Grapevine is very much dependent to a situation or environment. Some of the situations that make people to become active in the grapevine communication are highlighted below:

1. Excitement and Insecurity: When people are anxious regarding their future feel insecure and may become excited. Uncertainty pulls them to take part in grapevine. Actually it is an integral part of informal communication system.

2. Involvement of Friends and Associates: The grapevines are active when friends and associates are involved in the system. For example: personal life attachments are very much catchy among the friends. And facts of promotion, retrenchment or firing of any colleagues are interesting matters for discussion.

3. Recent Information: The recent information is like to be transmitted largely rather than past information. For example: Any economic crisis or political problems are discussed heavily during tea time or lunch in an organization.

4. Job: Sometimes, the job itself becomes a strong basis to take part in the grapevine network. For example: A personal secretary of a manager is more interested in grapevine with other employees.

5. Conversation Opportunity: If employees find more opportunity to gossip or passing time without any work then there is a scope to allow grapevine. The communication environment in grapevine is always informal communication type. For this reason, People get more chances and feel free in such communication.

6. Personality: A person who is naturally talkative plays more role in grapevine, similarly person who is more curious and doubtful is habituated to deal with grapevine.

At all, grapevine network is so vast. Sometimes, It bears positive information about an organization, on the contrary, sometimes negative, But its effect can't be ignored.