Advantages of Informal Communication

Informal communication is free from maintaining rules and regulations, procedures and others. Such  communication bears low cost than formal communication. Although informal communication does not follow any set rules or principle but it offers some advantages which are as follows:

1. Alternative System: There are some message which can not be sent through formal way and therefore requires some alternative. Such alternative can be informal communication.

2. Interpretation: Message sent to subordinates requires explanation or interpretation and informal communication is the valuable means here.

3. To Present Grievances: Employees can't make any complaints to superiors through formal communication. But informal communication gives the employees a better opportunity to raise their complaints, grievances or claim. Sometimes, in this way, as an informal communication system, grapevine effects much.

4. Increase Efficiency: Employees can freely exchange their opinions in terms of informal communication. They can ask any question without any hesitation. Thus a cordial  communication environment is created to increase the efficiency of employees.

5. Improving Relations: Any created between management and the labor can be settled through informal communication . Co-operation and co-ordination can be established through harmonious relationship between management and labor. Such relationship is only possible through informal communication. And as an informal system,  grapevine may gives this opportunity too.

6. Providing Recommendations: Subordinates feel free to provide management with their suggestions and recommendations on different job related issues like work methods, procedures and conditions etc.

7. Measuring Reaction: Before releasing any new information, management want to know the reaction of employees. In such a case, informal communication can be valuable in measuring the reaction of employees before any information is conveyed through formal channels.

8. Transmission: Information flows quickly through informal channels, Management may take advantage to send or receive the message of urgent nature through such network.

9. Provide Emotional Relief: For different reasons, some employees may become emotional which can't be removed through formal communication. But informal communication acts as a safety measure to provide emotional relief and therefore helps in concentration to job.

10. Solution to Problems: With the help of informal communication, the management is able to know problems, conflicts and complaints and the like. Therefore management can take necessary action timely and effectively.

11. Job Satisfaction: One of best advantages of informal communication is that it helps also to increase the level of job satisfaction in the mind of workers indirectly. But it really works. 

For the above reasons, Informal communication is said to be popular and used side-by-side with formal communication in any organization.