Importance of Non-verbal Communication

Non-verbal communication is a non-word or communication without word. Its importance are untold as we are involved and inclined with it in our daily life. A short but definite arguments are given below to justify its importance:

1. Ninety Three(93) Percent: Non-verbal communication: Non-verbal communication is important to convey feelings or actions in our daily life. Almost 93 percent of our emotions are reflected through such communication.

2. Provide Instant Effect: Verbal communication requires much more time than non-verbal communication to get proper feedback. When tears drop from eyes, there is less time to perceive the state of mind. Moreover, when our national flag is half-mast, we know that the nation is showing respect and gratitude towards any contribution.

3. Reliable: Words can be changed easily but non-verbal cues like body language, facial expressions or gestures cannot be changed instantly as they reflect the definite and actual state of mind. It really reflects emotion with honesty. When a person smiles, it shows his joy which is much more communicative than his written statement like 'I am happy'.

4. Quick Transmission: Non-verbal cues can transmit message quickly to the receiver. We can forward our emotions even without thinking about it. When we embrace or when we shake hands or when we show our thumb provide instant communication like the flow of electricity.

5. More Powerful: Colors or plain sounds are more powerful than any language. When we carry black flag or wear black band, it reflects our attitude to protest some movement. When national anthem is played, we instantly stand up and maintain silence, During that silence, we try to remember our national 'Heroes'.

Therefore, Non-verbal communication provides most powerful media. So, the above discussions clearly emphasize on the importance of non-verbal communication.