Definition of Verbal Communication

Verbal communication is the expression of information through language using words and grammar. A communication using oral or written methods known to be verbal communication or verbal communication is a method that uses oral and written expression.

Face to face communication, conversation, meeting, interview etc. are the methods used under oral communication. Whereas letters, memos, report,  interment, telex, fax, telegram and others are used for written communication. Both oral and written communication methods can be used jointly or uniquely to create verbal communication.

In our daily life, We deal and play role with family members, friends, classmates, co-workers, sales people, customers and professionals and with all of them we use written and oral methods or both to convey our message, information, news, views ideas etc. what are we doing is actually termed verbal communication.

For example: When we place order for goods, we use formal letters to order. If the  order is accepted by the supplier, he makes confirmation through letter, fax, internet or telephone. When the goods are received, we also assure the receipt of goods through letters, fax, telephone or internet. There both  written and oral methods are used and therefore verbal communication is made.

When we feel loneliness, We may phone  our close friends or we may sit for chatting in internet or we may send message through e-mail or mobile phone. All are nothing but verbal communication.

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