Informal Communication Spreads Rumor, Untrue and Distorted Information Very Fast-Illustration

Informal communication is a process through which unofficial information is spread by people talking to each other in the work canteen, on the way to work and at tea-breaks etc. The informal network is the fastest communication method but it spreads rumor, untrue and distorted information and for which the objective of the organization goes in vain. How this happens can be explained by the following reasons:

1. Lack of Understanding: When the employees fail to understand any message, they try to explain in their own way. Thus they can create and spread distorted information.

2. Absence of Set Rules: Informal  communication network does  not follow any definite rules or lines, So they can convey any kind of message to anybody without any fear and respect. As the message is totally baseless, the main theme of communication is harmed because of informal communication.

3. Exaggeration or Fabrication: Some people prefer to fabricate facts or evidence and enjoy giving a false account of events. This is possible because of absence of formality in this type of communication.

4. Lack of Attention: If the sender sends any untrue message being inattentive, the receiver is likely to treat the message to be true and accordingly he informs others; hence false information spreads unconsciously.

5. Cheap Praise: There are some people who spread rumors intentionally to get cheap praise from the people. Such intention distorts the real message.

6. Lack of Control: As there is no standard mechanism to control informal networks, rumors spread faster than the air. Therefore Organization has nothing to do.

7. Personal Opinion: Information is distorted if there is some addition or deduction of personal opinion, counseling, imagination or thoughts. So distortion is available in informal communication.

8. Weak Media: Strong media cause authentication of information or message. But use of weak media in respect of informal communication is subject to fabrication or distortion.

Because of the above reasons, Informal communication has been found to spread rumor, untrue and distorted information very fast.