Functions of Non-verbal Communication

Non-verbal communication is not a word based communication. There are different types of non-verbal communication methods and each method has certain function. Each of the various types of nonverbal communication may serve any of the following functions:
1. Emphasize
Gestures and facial expressions, for example, may serve to emphasize a particular point, We sometimes nod our heads to mean 'yes'. We smile to show happy state of mind. We wear suits for special functions or for a particular meeting which states about the importance of the respective function or meeting.

2. Substitute
Non-verbal behaviors may be substituted for verbal message. For example, When our national anthem is played, we stand up and remain motionless. Such activity is to honor and salute our country.

3. Providing Action
Non verbal activities provide prompt action and make things understandable very quickly. Actually action speaks louder than words. When we are gloomy,  it clearly tells about our mind which is disturbed. When we are inattentive, it shows that are thinking something else. When we pat any one, it means we hope confidence upon him or wishing any greeting.

4. Control
Non verbal behaviors may also be used to control the behavior of others. Silence controls an environment or a situation. For example, when we put finger against the mouth, it is a request for silence.  Such nonverbal activity is to control the behavior of others. Also consider the activity of a traffic police, who uses his arms to control the vehicles of road. So, non verbal communication controls the behavior of others consciously.
non-verbal communication
It means keep silence!
Non-verbal communication is very important in business communication as its usage helps us to gain  advantage.