Gestures in Non-verbal Communication

A gesture in an intentional body movement to convey a message. many different attitudes and intentions are expressed through gestures. For example, when we are introduced to people who are older or in higher ranking positions we show respect. A thumbs-up gestures show that things are under control. Gestures can be used in communication.
We use arms, legs, hands and heads to convey message also. Say, when we straddle during physical training(P.T), it shows our attention to a speaker. When we fist, it reflects our determination. And when we nod our head it express our understanding.. Moreover, we uses our hand to wave in many occasions which means 'hello' or 'good-bye'. Furthermore, we bow to others in many function and such thing symbolizes our gratitude and respect. It's one kinds of non verbal communication and visual communication too.

Normally gesture are meaningful in relation to another person and we use different gestures during our verbal communication. It creates different meanings at different point of time.