What is Visual Communication

When some visual means or methods or techniques are used to make the communication natural and effective communication then it is known as visual communication. Facial expression, gestures, printed picture, posters, slides, film etc. fall under visual communication. When written communication fails, we can take the help of visual communication to communicate with persons.

For visual communication, we don't need to think much. Because, usually it comes naturally. That's why advantages of visual communication are treated as essential in non verbal communication system and our regular any types of communication. But we've to combine it with other communication way to get better output. Disadvantages of visual communication may comes when it can't applies in proper situation.


e.g. when we see a slide showing a lighted cigarette with cross mark on it, the meaning is clear to every body i.e. no smoking. Here no words are said, no sign is made but the message is communicated.

no smoking
No smoking. Here no words are said, no sign is made but the message is communicated

Similarly, demand, supply and changes in price level for a product or service can be presented in terms of graph and chart which is actually visual communication.

Visual communication generally communicate elementary and simple ideas. It can be effectively used only in combination with other media. For example, The diagrammatic representations combine the written with the visual.

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