Limitations or Disadvantages of Visual Communication

Although visual communication gains various advantages but it is not free from certain disadvantages. When you are going to use visual aid to communicate, you must keep in your head disadvantages point of visual communication. These disadvantages are mentioned below:

1. Problem of Presentation: All topics or subject matters can not be presented through visual communication. Plan, policy, systems, rules, order and recommendation of an Organization can not be produced in terms of visual communication.

2. Brevity: A complete and detail information can not be displayed through such communication. Therefore the whole concept or idea may not be understandable if visual communication is used extensively.

3. Need for Efficiency: Drawing, graphs, charts or symbols may not convey any message to general people in certain situation.  Special knowledge and efficiency are required to deal with visual communication. In such a case, for example, The drawing of a building,the sketch of  a bridge may not be clear to general people but engineers and technical persons can easily deal with such situation.

4. More Cost Involvement: To use graphs, pictures, charts, drawing, cartoons and sketch are not cheap. All these require various tools and techniques which are costly.

5. Wrong Decision: Sometimes information displayed in terms of graphs, charts or table may be in wrong order. Decision taken based on such information may lead to ineffective output or fruitless result.

The above limitations or disadvantages of visual communication do not hamper the use and application of visual communication if the usage of visual communication is done thoughtfully and therefore it is used by side by side with other communication. But advantages of visual communication can't be denied too.