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The word "mass" covers a vast arena. Like that mass communication indicates such a communication which engaged a lot of people. So, basically, when communication is happened toward a lot of people, the communication can be called as mass communication. The success of mass communication process and gaining its objectives really matters. Because, there is involved smart cost of money and efforts.

Business Consi has covered mass communication concept with some articles those may make you understood about mass communication.

Mass Communication Definition a definition of mass communication is really hard. However, This article defines mass communication.

Characteristics of Mass Communication characteristics of mass communication are notable.

Nature of Mass Communication studying of nature of mass communication, It is easy the knowing about mass communication.

Scope of Mass Communication article narrates the scope of mass communication.

Purposes or Objectives of Mass Communication other things, mass communication has also some objectives to be happened.

Mass Communication Media well known mass communication media have been discussed here.

Importance of Mass Communication
In the era of globalization, Mass communication bears so much importance. 

Essential Factors of Mass Communication

This article talks about some essential factors of mass communication which should be learn for knowing about mass communication.

Test of Mass Communication Skills article narrates the methods of testing of mass communication skills.