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Business report is an way of business communication and in deeply upward communication. A report is basically an impersonal presentation of researched information. A fact or event is focused well in a report. Report is widely used in the business concern to understand situation or condition and make proper decision.

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What is Report making study with business report, We first need to understand well what is stated as report. This article talks about that.

What is Business Report business report is one kind of report. But all reports are not business report! Because, a report which is used in business purpose may be defined as business report.

Size & Scope of the Report
This article discusses about the actual size and scope of a report.

Advantages of Report Writing writing has several advantages. It presents information and shows a recommendation. Besides,
Advantages of report are many more. This article represents mostly greater advantages of report writing.

Essential Characteristics of a Good Report good report can be able to fulfill its objectives only. There are several characteristics or features of a good report.

Importance of Report or Purposes of Report much important is report for a business organization? Is it really worthy and essential for business? For what purposes  is a report prepared?

Features of a Good Report Writer ideal or good report writer reserves some qualities which encourages a reporter to write a good report.

Steps for Drafting a Report draft a report, there are several elementary steps to follow. This article describes the elementary steps for drafting a report.

Classification of Report
There are different kinds of report. Report can be classified in the basis of usage, presentation and subject of report.

Definition of Informal Report
Informal report, the name speaks about itself! Without following any rules and regulation, such kind of report is prepared. This article defines informal report.

Usage of Informal Report article discusses with the usage of informal communication.

Definition of Market Report report is a report which presents information of market condition in terms of product or service. This article defines market report.