Nature of Frustration or How Frustration Occurs

Frustration is one kind of mental feelings or psychological condition which grows from mental anxiety. Every human has needs or wants. To fulfill such needs or wants, he also feels severe expectation. But there is limited resources to fulfill all of necessities of human. Therefore, We need to apply opportunity cost. However, such limitation produces mental dissatisfaction and failure. And such mental dissatisfaction as well as failure to fulfill necessities turn into frustration.

Therefore, if there was no severe intention to fulfill necessities along with there was no limitation of resource for such needs, There was no frustration among human being.

Consequently, Whenever, a person becomes fail to fulfill his necessities or feels obstacles to get targeted goal, Frustration grows in the mind of that person.

But, If a person is mentally strong to overcome such obstacles in the path of achieving his goal or pass away problems, Then he'll not be frustrated after facing problems too. It is basically result of changing mental behavior.

When there is frustration, there is need enough motivation. Motivation may help to remove frustration and feel stamina for work. Because, motivation is used to increase morale. On the other side, positive morale does not give chance to come frustration in the mind of a person. Frustration is very harmful for achieving organizational goal by its employees. If there is no positive job satisfaction among the employes, The production and other essential outputs will be lower and as a result, achieving goal will face hindrances.

By the way, A person may feel severe intention to fulfill his necessities. But, If that person has severe intention for overcoming problems and strong mentality for facing such problems, The person will not be frustrated easily rather than becoming more dedicated for working and achieving his goal. Frustration comes only then when a person becomes mentally week.