Importance of Motivation for a Business Organization

Motivation is an important part of management. The success of the organization related with the motivation process. For achieving organization goal, management need to work with their employees. They have to make output at optimum dimension from employees. Motivation is an way of making that. Importance of the motivation has been discussed below.

1. Obtaining Job Satisfaction
Job satisfaction is related with the workers mental satisfaction. Motivation helps employees to get proper satisfaction in their job. Whatever in motivation process financial and non financial assist provide to the employees. As a result motivation can obtain employees job satisfaction.

2. Increase in Productivity
Production in an organization depends on the workers ability and quality. When workers get motivation then they use their most effort in production. They always try to maintain the product quality. So motivation process increases the organizational productivity.

3. Increase in Sales and Production
Sales and profit in an organization depend on workers of different department. Mainly the success of the organization depends on its sales of product. But Sales is adjusted with the worker satisfaction. Motivation process increases in sales and production in an organization.

4. Change Becomes Possible
Present world is changeable world.  Everything eventually is being changed. For this reason the most important thing is inspiration among the employees. If the employees get proper training and technological benefits then they add new variation in the exits products. So it will be positive for the organization.

5. Use of Human Resources
The most important resources in the organization are the human resource. Because of worker always run the total organization. If the workers are satisfied to work and get many facilities in the organization, they think the organization is their own organization. They always try to improve the organization.

6. Labor Management Relations
The development of the organization depends on the relationship between labor and management in an organization. If management is cooperative to the employees then the employees get satisfaction and take more responsibility to work carefully. So labor management relations are essential for the organization.

7. Decrease in Production Cost
Motivation helps to reduce the production cost in the organization. If the workers get motivation, they try to complete their duty carefully. The wrong work, error event can be removed. So it is positive for the organization. As a result motivation helps to reduce the production cost.

The word motivation is small but its meaning and importance is very wide. These points are not enough to say the importance of motivation in the organization. So motivation is reserves very importance for a organization.