General Causes of Low Motivation among the Employees

Motivation is the process which inspires the workers in their work and satisfied their needs. In an organization, all worker’s nature are not same. There are some differences among their expectation. If management fail to motivate them, their output also will be lower for lower motivation. On the other side, Motivation is also related to morale. Because, Lower motivation is a cause for lower morale. For this reason, Management should continue the motivation process.

However, there are some reasons for low motivation among the employees. Authority should be careful about this matter.

1. Non-clarity of Goals
It is possible to earn the organization goal if the goal clearly defined. Because of the workers can understand the goal and take their responsibility. But if the goal is not setting the workers cannot take the responsibility. As a result they feel disappointment in their work.

2. Lack of Feedback
Conversation is necessary with the employees regularly. This conversation inspires the employees. If the workers the workers don’t understand the duty, they can give feedback and authority take proper steps. But if the conversation is not effective then the authority doesn’t take effective step against feedback.

3. Minimum Job Training
Training is essential for the workers. Training gives him proper direction his duty and responsibility. But if they don’t get the training facility, they don’t get the proper direction. They cannot correction their duty. As a result they feel displeasure.

4. Messy Work Areas
Good working environment is another important factor for motivation. It must be peaceful. But if the working areas are messy then workers feel displeasure. The workers don’t show respect to the authority. They don’t follow the organizational rules and regulation. As a result the workers lost their expectation to work in the organization. So the messy work area is a reason for low motivation of the employees.

5. Social Facilitation or Distraction
If there is a conversation system in the organization between the worker and authority then the workers can share their opportunities and problem to the authority.   As a result the peaceful employees lost their inspiration to work. They don’t show their success and they feel frustration.

These are reasons of low motivation. Such reasons create disappointment among the employees. As a result, they don’t get motivation and their productivity can be hampered. So the authority should take care of this problem and try to motivated the employees to get optimum output from them.