What is the Relation between Motivation and Morale

Motivation and morale both are subject to mental feelings. But they are strongly related to each other. We know that motivation is such a technique which is the process of creating and increasing inspiration or intention to work or job of an worker or employee. On the other side, Morale is the mental strength. Mental strength for a work is called as Morale. If the mental strength is high and strong then it is called high Morale. On the contrary, If the mental strength is low and week then it is called low morale.

But if there is no motivation toward work, It is uncommon to increase such morale toward the work. Motivation increases and creates the inspiration and intention toward a work and gradually by this process, Morale also increases. So, We can tell that Motivation and Morale both are strongly related to each other.

motivation and morale
Relation between Motivation and Morale

As the discussion goes above, It can be said that nature of morale of employees and workers of an organization depends on the nature of given motivation of that organization. If the basic needs of workers and employees are fulfilled by a organization and the organizational authority behavior become respectful toward them, Their morale will be increased. So, The higher motivation will be given, The higher morale may be expected toward work of employees and workers. This is very normal condition. If there is lack of giving proper motivation, An organizational authority  should not expect higher morale.