General Causes or Conditions of Frustration in industry

Generally it is seen that a new worker or employe does not come with frustration to a organization primarily. It is rather than opposite condition is noticeable. It means new workers/employees come with enough confident, ambition and future probabilities. But After joining to a organization, For some conditions or causes They feel frustration. Frustration effects negatively on job satisfaction and productivity too. Because, A frustrated person can't able to use his proper ability and thus productivity will decrease. When the frustrated person is unsatisfied, He feel negatively about his job satisfaction also.  There are some major reasons for which maximum workers or employees feel frustration:

1. High Ambition: Human being has some expectation all the time. It is very natural concept. But there are some workers, Who feel very high ambition. They try to capture it in a valid way, If they are failure on that way, They also try it invalid way to capture their high ambition. But they do not math up their ability and qualification with that high ambition. Consequently, for their lack of proper qualification, They can't get to fulfill all of their high ambitions. And thus this turn into frustration. This is the one of the most common reasons of frustration in industry.

2. Severe Competition: In workplace to get more beneficial all workers remain wake up. Here sever competition is looked. Specially, This severe competition is seen extensively in large organization. Workers feel to pass various kinds of competitions likewise promotion, selecting for training, convenient position etc. When workers or employees fail to get such kind of opportunities, They feel frustration. It means they turn into frustration. which is just another cause of frustration in industry.

3. External Barriers: Among general causes or general condition of frustration, This is very important and mentionable. Because, for external barriers, A worker or employee has no control or nothing to do. For example: For promotion, A qualified worker is ready in a organization and He expect that He must be promoted for his actual qualification. But For political stress, Management has to promote another unqualified person.  This situation makes frustrated condition for the first qualified employee. But, Here He has no own control, It does no need to make understand.

4. Shortage of Facilities: In a industry, for a such amount of workers, facilities and other opportunities are really not enough. For this reason, It is seen that someone or some workers are deprived of getting such facilities and other opportunities.  This failure makes those workers or employees frustrated. For Example: For a promotion there are 7 posts are nil. Management wants to fill up those from the inside of organization or industry. But there are 15 candidates available to get that promotion. Here, 7 will get chance from 13 workers or employees. 7 workers will be happy. But others who remained from getting promotion fall into frustration. That's why it is just another mentionable reasons or cause or condition for growing frustration in industry or organization. But such kind  of growing frustration may be a negative cause for job satisfaction.

So, It should be told that as frustration is a psychological matter as a result above mentioned reasons are not enough. Because Who, for what, when falls into frustration nobody  know and Finding its actual reasons or finding the actual sources of frustration are also very complicated.