Ways to Express the Job Dis-satisfaction of the Employees

Job satisfaction is one kind of mental satisfaction of the employees. This satisfaction can be negative or positive. If it is positive, it is called positive mental condition of the workers and if it is then it is called negative mental condition of the workers. Positive job satisfaction is necessary for an organization. Management always want positive job satisfaction due to getting optimum output from employees. Now we show the way to express the job dis-satisfaction of the employees:

1. Exiting Organization
Exist from the organization is one of the way to express the dis-satisfaction of the employees to their work. When they are dissatisfied then they show negative impression for doing their own job. If they get position in other organization, they will switch their job. So it is one kind of destructive attitude.

2. Strong Voice
Strong voice is another way to express the dis-satisfaction of the employees against their authority. In that situation the workers criticizes about the authority because they can hear their criticism and frustration to do the work.

3. Going Slow
This is another easy way to express unhappiness of the employees. Sometimes the worker doesn’t continue the rules and regulation of the organization. Totally they are ignoring their own responsibility. They try to show negative impression of their work to the authority. So this is the indirect way to express dis-satisfaction of the employees.

4. Obedience
This is a constructive way to express the displeasure against their working position. Mainly the workers don’t follow the authority instruction and rules. They don’t give any concentration in work.  In this way the workers want to show their need and want to the authority.

So these are the way to express dis-satisfaction of the employees in an organization. Absolutely these create obstacle for the organization development. So the authority should take proper action against these positions.