Major Steps in Job Satisfaction Survey

Importance of job satisfaction for an organization can't be denied at any way. Because, optimum job satisfaction make easy to achieve organization goal. Job satisfaction survey is a continuous process.  This is not possible with in a moment. There are some steps have to be followed to make the job satisfaction survey. Now we show some major steps in job satisfaction survey.

1. Identifying reason for survey
First we have to identify the reason for survey. If we correctly identify the reason of survey then we will be able to achieve the goal.

2. Obtaining management commitment
To complete the survey we have needed some information from the employer. But for this we also have to manage the commitment of the management. We have to ensure that the management will give assistance in the survey. Then the employee will give available information in our survey.

3. Developing survey instrument
There are some essential instruments are needed for survey. Examples are making question paper, justify the reason etc. the success of survey mostly depends on this matter. That’s why survey must be related with the purpose of the organization.

4. Administering survey
In this step we have to make some question that is related with the job satisfaction. The survey questions are submitted to the answerer at that time also requested to answer the question. Then there are much information is collected from the survey paper.

5. Tabulating result
In this step we have to classify the result.  This result depends on the feedback of the question. There are lots of information are gathered from question paper then this information are classified according with the rules. If this is not made it will be difficult to submit the survey paper.

6. Analyzing result
This is the most important step of the job satisfaction survey. After making the tabulate result the essential thing is analyzing the result. In this stage the information are analyzed according with the different stage. There are some statistical method are included in the result to correct the information.  This analyzing indicates some positive or negative aspects. So it is essential to fulfill the research. So in this stage we can know the how much purpose is fulfilling in the research.

7. Providing Feedback to participants
After analyzing result the essential matter is to provide feedback to participants. There are many workers are involved in the job satisfaction survey. Every worker explains their own view in the survey. Some give positive information or some give negative information. This will depend on own outlook. The fairness of the survey depends on the feedback to the participants.

8. Implementing action plan
This is the last step of the job satisfaction survey. The success of the survey depends on this stage. In this step the analyzing paper will submit to the manager in the organization. Then according to report the manager will take proper action. So the purpose of the survey will be completed.

9. Monitoring result
After implement action plan survey result monitor by the manager. How the employee feels in working condition and looked upon any trouble among the workers. On the other hand these will effective the worker done their job according with their map. So all this instruments are properly used in the survey.

At the conclusion these steps are followed by sequencly and continuously. So these are the major steps of the job satisfaction survey or job satisfaction survey procedure.