Importance and Necessities of Job Satisfaction for an Organization

Employee satisfaction or dis-satisfaction is related with organizational development. If the employees are satisfied by working in the organization, it is better for the organization. Employees are the root element of an organization. That's why job satisfaction is a major considerable matter for an organization. Now we're going to discuss about the importance of job-satisfaction.

1. It provides better working environment
Job satisfaction provides better working environment in the organization. Employees can submit their problem to the authority. Then authority takes appropriate actions to solve the problem or discuss with the employee. So the environment is become calm in the organization.

2. It Gladdens the managers
High job satisfaction develops the quality of the employees. They get encourage to perform their own duty and responsibility with more dignity.  As a result Managers get proper feedback from the workers and they do good attitude with the workers. So job satisfaction gladdens the managers.
3. Reduces the Absenteeism
Job satisfaction makes positive intention to work of employees in the organization. They become satisfied and feel easy then before in the job. This matter brings eagerness and inspiration among the employees to perform their job. Employees attend in their working place regularly. So it reduces the absenteeism of the employees.
4. Reduces the labor-turn-over
Job satisfaction depends on the employee’s mental satisfaction to his working condition. When employees don’t get facility and opportunity in their work place then they remove their place. This creates negative impact on the organization. But when employees get satisfaction in their work then they want to work as long as possible. So it reduces the labor turn over.

5. Reduces the industrial dispute
In organization the disputes occurred between worker & supervisor, worker & worker or one factory with other factory. This occurrence is called industrial dispute. As a result company faced losses and they cannot continue their productivity in the factories. Job satisfaction reduces the industrial dispute.

6. It increases the productivity
High satisfaction brings high productivity in the organization. When employees get satisfaction and assurance of their job then they do more work than before. They continuously perform their job. So automatically production increases in the organization.

7. Reduces the accident
Every day there are many accidents occurs in the organization. The main reason is for no concentration and feel tiredness among the employees to perform their job. This is negative sign for them. But when they get job satisfaction then they give more concentration on duty. The different accident will be reduces. So job satisfaction progress the organization.

8. Increases the quality of the products
High quality products needed for the success of the organization. When a company gives proper training to employees, they become eager to give full concentration in their work. They maintain the quality of the product and try to increases the quality.

9. High morale of the worker’s
Job satisfaction creates positive morality among the workers. Because this fulfilled employee’s expectation. It develops the workers mental expectation. So it is related with high morale of the worker’s.

10. Increases the discipline
The success of an organization depends on the employee working discipline. Job satisfaction creates discipline among the employees in the organization. So it helps to bring success in the organization.

At last we can say that it is impossible to ignore the importance of job satisfaction. Because it is related with the employees mentality and the organization development.