Disadvantages of Formal Communication

In formal communication, there exists a set of rules and regulation which must be maintained. And for this, there are grown some disadvantages of Formal communication too. In spite of enjoying some advantages of formal communication, it suffers from the following limitations:

1. Authoritarian System: Formal communication states clear relationship between upper level management and lower level management. When there is a downward communication, there is an authoritarian tone to dominate lower level employees.

2. Inflexibility: It is a rigid form of communication as make up or change can not be considered easily when required.

3. Costly: This sort of communication maintains all formalities of communication for which it involves more cost.

4.  Wastage of Time: Formal communication process passes through various stages or levels of an organization and therefore requires more time to reach to its destination. This is ultimately wastage of time.

5. Delay in Decision Making: Everyone has to maintain specific framework of communication in case of formal communication. Therefore management requires more time which delays decision making process.

6. Lack of Initiative: In such communication there is no option to select any other system which is the best one compared to the prescribed system. As a result creative ideas are ignored here.

7. Lack of Cordiality: In formal communication, established rules are strictly observed. More emphasis is given to the formalities rather than human side; As a result, there is no scope to develop cordial relationship between the sender and receiver.

8. Fear: In case of upward Formal communication there exists chance of fear to represent any information in front of superior. This acts as a barrier to reach the goal of communication.

9 Behavior: This type of communication reflects authoritarian pattern of behavior in  the organizational structure. Such negatively affects the mind of the employees.

 The above limitations of formal communication hamper the way to attain organizational objectives.