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Informal communication is such a communication system which grows in almost every arena of an organization. In our society, our most of communications can be counted as informal communication. But in an organization, Formal communication which provides and ensures an authoritarian communication environment , sometimes become as barrier to communication to send information throughout the whole organization.

On the other hand, Formal channel are so long and for this, Information reaching from upper level to lower level may take very long time where it need to reach at short time. Informal communication may work at that time as the alternative of formal communication. Because informal communication is a part of grapevine or grapevine is a part of informal communication.

Actually Grapevine is a part and parcel of informal communication. As we know grapevine channel spread information like storm throughout the area. So, Just like that, If informal channels are used to deliver messages at a very short time, Informal communication is appropriate there.

Informal Communication Definition using informal channels is simply called informal communication.

Advantages of Informal Communication informal communication spreads rumors, untrue and distorted messages very fast, But it has some advantages too. Those advantages are made by informal communication help to make easier communication. 

Disadvantages of Informal Communication
Like other things, Informal communication has also some disadvantages.

Importance of Informal Communication communication is as important as like formal communication for a business organization or any other sort of organization.

Informal Communication Spreads Rumors, Untrue and Distorted Message Very Fast article narrates on How informal communication spreads message so rapidly.

Formal and Informal Communication-The Difference and informal communication both are needed for business communication. But they are different from the usage of message transmitting, procedure and more.

Grapevine Communication Definition and Features communication is one kind of informal communication which spread message very fast.

Grapevine Communication is an Integral Part of Informal Communication System grapevine communication is a part of informal communication, It works like informal channels.