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A communication which happens using a language of words and grammar is known to be verbal communication. Mostly, verbal communication is such a communication which needs to use word to complete the communication process. In verbal communication, The sender can communicate with oral or written method to the receiver. But the key point of identifying verbal communication is the using of a language. Non-verbal communication does not use any word for communicate. So, When communication is happening using word of a language, The communication is called verbal communication.

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Verbal Communication Definition
This article has defined verbal communication with some example of verbal communication in our daily life.

Effective Guidelines for Verbal Communication
This article has provided some guidelines for making verbal communication as better effective communication.

Written Communication Definition
Communication which uses written form to be occurred can be called as written communication.

Advantages of Written Communication mostly used written communication for business purposes. Because, written communication ensures some advantages which others form can't ensure.

Oral Communication Definition communication occurs without using any word or grammar of a language, this communication is called oral communication. This article has defined oral communication.