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Formal communication is a such communication which has to follow official or formal rules and regulation, procedure etc. for completing the communication process. That's why formal communication is also called as official communication system.

Certainly, there are many advantages of formal communication. But like other things, such communication has some disadvantages too. However, Business Consi has made some articles on Formal communication which show definition, advantages, disadvantages, features, tools of formal communication along with difference with informal communication.

Formal Communication Definition
This article has defined formal communication. It also shows some example of formal communication in the basis of internal communication as well as external usages in an business organization.

Characteristics or Features of Formal Communication article narrates some elementary features of formal communication.

Advantages of Formal Communication in an Organization communication provides various advantages in the communication world.

Disadvantages of Formal Communication in an Organization
As we know there are some established rule, regulation and procedure must be maintained in formal communication, These sometimes make problems.

Formal and Informal Communication -The difference organization must use these two types of communication such as formal and informal communication. But they are different from their nature and usage.

Formal Communication Tools communication uses some tools for communicating. This article discusses about those common tools which are used in formal communication.