Characteristics of Formal Communication

The communication which follows established systems,  rules,  regulation, procedures or any other prescribed ways and  means are known as formal communication. Formal communication bears some special characteristics which are stated below:

1. Recognition: It occurs within the organizational framework. So it has recognition.

2. Bindings: It is bound to maintain the formal rules of communication.

3. Necessity: It is essential for planning, organizing and controlling of an organization.

4. Delegation of Authority: Authority can be delegated towards subordinates through formal communication.

5. Use as  a Source: It can be used as a permanent record because it has written evidence.

6. Rumor: Such communication follows specific rules and does not allow any rumor to spread.

At the concluded point, We can say that formal communication has the characteristics which are discussed above. Due to maintaining established rules and regulations strongly,  Formal communication is considered as effective communication from the other types of communication.