6 Most Common Indicators of Job Satisfaction

Indicators of job satisfaction mean some elements by studying which the level or scale of job satisfaction among employees or workers in a organization can be known. Knowing the scale of job satisfaction is significant for proper and disciplined operation and controlling of Management in a organization. In addition, These indicators provide the basic and in some case deep analysis of how to measure job satisfaction among the employees or workers.

The following elements are considered as the  indicators of job satisfaction for a factory or organization which are discussed below:

1. Rate of Productivity
To measure the job satisfaction among employees and workers, rate of productivity is considered as a leading indicator. Because if there is not existed proper job satisfaction among employees, production workers must be less and their productivity will decrease day by day. For this reason, checking the rate of productivity in a factory, It can assume easily that how much  job satisfaction exists among those employees or workers. Consequently, Rate of productivity is an important factor of consideration to measure job satisfaction in a factory or organization.

2. Rate of Labor Turn-over
If labors come to factory to work and go and thus this process continue again and again, it is called as labor turn over. When a worker remains satisfied with his work, He usually does not want to leave the work or job. After analyzing rate of labor turn-over, Rate of job satisfaction can understand easily that how much job satisfaction is existed among workers. If workers/employees are satisfied with their work/job in a factory, they usually do not leave that factory only for a little problem. They like to love their work when proper job satisfaction exists among them. When labor turn over rate is high, then we should understand that there is really very low job satisfaction level is existed.

3. Rate of Complain
A satisfied worker usually does not provide complain to his superior. When there  is very high rate of complain, It usually indicate that there is existed job unsatisfactory among those workers. Management should handle this types of problems carefully. If management fails to control, The organization can't achieve its goal. A satisfied worker does not think a small problem as a big problem and provide complain because he is satisfied with his work. But An unsatisfied worker treats a small problem as a big problem and make complain. By the rate of complain, It is easily understand the rate of job satisfaction among the employees or workers in an organization.

4. Rate of Accident in the Factory
In factory, Who are satisfied with their work or job, Accident usually are happened less by them. But Who are not satisfied, most of  time they remains careless and as a result accident happens by them most of time. By studying this the rate of accident in a factory, we can assume the job satisfaction level of an organization.

5. Rate of the Wastage of Time and Materials
Lacking of proper job satisfaction don't motivate employees to work self-intentionally. As a result, proper usage of time and materials are not handled by them. Wastage of labor hour and materials are a big loss for a factory which bring less profit even loss. On the contrary, Who are satisfied with their work and job, They don't do such kind of behavior. They remain attentive to their job. As a result a factory can earn more profit. And thus organizational goal can be achieved.

6. Rate of Absence
Rate of absence is just another important factor or indicator to justify the job satisfaction level among employees or workers in a factory or organization. Who are unsatisfied with their work, They usually are absent to their work. On the contrary, Who are satisfied, they enjoy their work and always try to present at the work place.

After analyzing above mentioned points, we can conclude that job satisfaction is such a factor which must be achieve among employees by the management to achieve organizational goal. Without job satisfaction, No factory or organization can achieve its actual goal.