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Frustration is a psychological problem of human mind. This psychological problem enforces a person to believe in his incapability. Frustration if harmful to achieve organizational goal. It is harmful to achieve personal goal too. If a person recognizes sources of frustration and know the method of removing such frustration, The person may be able to overcome such psychological problem from his mind.

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Definition of Frustration article has tried to make a definition of frustration according to the human needs, lack of enough resources and problems in the path of achieving desired goal.

Sources of Frustration or Types of Frustration are some well known sources of frustration from which frustration may occur. This article discussed about those. In the basis of sources, Frustration can be classified.

Nature of Frustration or How Frustration Occurs
This article presents the nature of frustration. It also shows that how frustration occurs.

General Causes or Conditions of Frustration in Industry any cause, There is nothing to be happened! So, For growing frustration in the mind of a person, There are also some reasons. This articles shows some mostly common causes of frustration in industry.