Top 10 Important Scope of Marketing

Marketing is a continuous business process. The scope of marketing is changing with changing of time.

Marketing related tasks are considered as the scope of marketing. The marketing specialists are says that 10 things are involved in the scope of marketing. These things are explained below.

1. Goods
Good is a set of tangible that identifiable form to provide want-satisfaction to customers. All marketing activities are done only for goods. Goods is very important for marketing scope. Without goods there is no need of marketing. Example of tangible goods is food, commodities, cloth, and house. These goods are basic demand of human.

2. Services
Service is the tangible and intangible good both. Service is a very important on marketing scope. A large proportion of business activities is focused on the production of service as marketing purpose. There are different kinds services available on business such as, airlines, hotels, car rental firms, beauticians, software programmers, web designers, management consultants etc.

3. Experience
Experience is skill of acquired or obtained of real knowledge. Marketers need experience for both goods and services for better activates. A product is promoted or increase facilities not only for adding features but also for giving unique and interesting experience to customers for running long time the business. Like Google, Samsung are increasing their facilities for giving the customers new experience.

4. Events
Marketers promote events for increasing the selling activates in business. Events are done or designed to communicate the particular message to the customers or to the targeted audience. Events are like trade show, company anniversaries, award shows, local festivals, health camps. Different types of professional person or organization plan events. Events are very important for the scope of marketing.

5. Persons
Day by day, the importance of advertising for business is increasing. Now days, the celebrity marketing has become a business. Popular personalities such as film stars, sportsmen have agents of popular personal managers in a business. These celebrities become the brand ambassador for making the brand more popular.

6. Places
Place marketing involves activities of creating, maintaining or changing attitudes or behavior to a particular place for the consumers or tourists. Cities, states and countries can be the most beautiful place for tourists. So these place should under the marketing place to factors, companies or new residents for better service for tourists and like that this county can make a business environment. Place is very important for running a profitable business. The govt. Should select the most amazing place for attract tourist and make the marketing place for increasing marketing activities in this country.

7. Properties
Properties are intangible rights of ownership. Properties can be categorized as real property (real estate) or financial property (stocks and bonds). Properties are bought and sold through marketing and thus properties come under marketing. Marketing enhances the need of ownership of property. Investing on properties is now becoming a better ways of saving money.

8. Organization
The organization marketing consists of activities of undertaken to create, change the attitudes and target consumers towards an organization. Organizations actively work to build reputation in the minds of their target public for better improvement of business. The business has to play an active role in marketing to create an organization’s image. The organization’s goodwill promotes trust and reliability of customers towards organization.

9. Information
Information means the facts and news of present or past or future that helps the business to take a correct decision. Now information can be produced and it can be marketed as a product. School, college and university market information for business purpose and they are earning profit. Media, Newspaper, magazines distribute information and they are a major industry for information. Media revolution increased literacy levels of information and have widened the scope of information marketing.

10. Ideas
Ideas are concepts, images that can be exchanged in marketing in the marketplace. Every market needs a basic idea for arranging properly. Ideas are now using more widely in social welfare as social marketing. Ideas for social welfare includes in marketing such as AIDS deadly disease, smoking dangerous for health, clean your town, plant a tree save the environment etc.

From the above discussion, we can say, marketing involves not only product or service but also different types of things. The scope of marketing is increasing its are day by day. So a marker should take decision after understanding or considering the scope of marketing.