Symptoms or Characteristics of Frustration

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  • Characteristics of Frustrated Behavior

Frustration is a mental condition of a person. Usually, a person may face many problems, accidents and obstacles in regular life. For those hindrances, one can be easily frustrated in the path of life. As frustration is a mental situation of a person, a frustrated person can show different types of abnormal activities. Frustration can't be seen. But the behavior of of a frustrated person can be observed. By the observation of a frustrated person, the severeness of his frustration can be assumed.

Indifferent: Indifferent is a great symptom of being frustrated. Mostly, A person who is frustrated can't work with his full attentive mind. By the way, the person shows unwillingness of doing every work. There is no normal activities like previous in doing daily works. Smile of face is almost gone away.

Destructive: Destructive aptitude or aggression tendency is just another common symptom of frustrated person or frustrated behavior. When a person is in frustrated condition, he can act destructive behavior. On the other hand, It is noticeable that if the frustrated person can't attack the responsible individual, He can attack others who are nearby and dependent on him. Besides, anger for almost no reason, frequently complain for anything, criticism of management are shown in this types of frustrated behavior.

Regression: Sometimes a frustrated person can act like a child. Regression is just opposite to aggression or destructive behavior. All frustrated person do not act same way. One can be destructive and another can be regressive in behavior. Regressive behavior is the behavior of childish and primitive. If a person faces frustration, he may show primitive and childish behavior instead of showing constructive tendency.

Projection: Projection narrates the behavior of transferring own guilty to other persons. If a person shows this type of frustration behaviors, He usually will not be able to acknowledge own mistakes or guilty. That frustrated person never think that he is the main reason for any problem.

Some others symptoms of frustrated behavior: There are some other behavior of frustration or frustrated person which are shown below...
  1. Abnormal fixation for same work
  2. Resignation any activities specially crowd place
  3. Rationalization for own purpose
  4. Repression and trying to forget past memory of life
  5. Sublimation to get alternative goal achieved instead of main one.
  6. Compromise with the environment

As frustration is a mental problem and condition of mind varies person to person, frustrated behavior can be different for different persons. However, mostly above symptoms are shown among frustrated person. If the management notices above characteristics among its employees, Management should be careful about the source of frustration, find out the general causes of frustration in the industry  and try to remove. Because, productivity of a frustrated person can go lower and it is harmful for organization.