Importance of Internal Communication

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No organization or business organization can not exist alone, it need keeping relation with external or third parties like; suppliers, investors, financial institution etc. -but maintaining those external or third parties communication is totally fixed on internal processing of information. Thus it  must be understood that internal communication is the root of any external communication.

The presence of an organization will be threatened if there is really exist lack of internal communication among the employees/members of the organization.

The importance of internal communication have been discussed below:

1. To run the business: For smooth operation of continuous activities of an organization proper internal communication is mandatory.

2. Proper Supervision: If there is lack of internal communication then the management or the supervisors is unable to realize the problems of their employees. Consequently proper supervision will not be existed.

3. Proper Co-ordination: Internal communication is treated as the backbone for proper co-ordination. Lack of proper internal communication hamper proper co-ordination.

4.  Job Satisfaction: When internal communication is existed properly then employees feel more secured. In return, Their job satisfaction level increase and their productivity increase too.

5. Low Turnover: When there is existed proper internal communication, labor turnover rate decrease considerably.

6. Increasing Mutual Trust: Smooth operation and higher productivity of an organization depends on mutual trust between management and its employees. Proper internal communication can increase mutual trust between management and its employees.

7. Motivation of Employees: Without giving motivation to employees, an organization can not achieve its objectives as expected. Internal communication ensures about the real condition of the organization. Thus management can take steps and proper motivation can be provided.

From the above discussion, it can be said that proper internal communication is mandatory for successful operation of an organization and for achieving its goals too. Thus internal communication bears so much importance for an organization. Because, almost all managerial activities relies on proper internal communication.