Features of Effective Internal Communication

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Internal communication should be such that it helps to make a bridge between the employees, staff and workers in an organization. The following are the features of internal communication:-

1. Clarity
Internal communication should e clear to create meaningful idea among all in the business. As a result, receiver and sender of communication become aware of the events and facts.

2. Integrity
Internal communication must follow the integrity of an organization. The communication should be made through proper channel as required by structure of an organization.

3. Attention
Such communication must draw attention of the respective persons or otherwise the objective of communication will fail. The topic or subject of communication should be catchy to create attention.

4. Avoidance of Unnecessary Information
Such communication should not be loaded with unnecessary information. Information must be concise but complete. More information cover more space but ineffective.

5. Simplicity and Economy
The language of internal communication must be simple and should involved less cost. Complexities create problems and such problems increase cost.

6. Use of Informal Organization
Sometimes  informal organization helps a lot to make internal communication effective. Formal chain of an organization should not ignore informal organization.

Consideration of the above factors while making internal communication will obviously fulfill the target of an organization.