Methods of Internal Communication

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A number of forms are available to internally communicate information, views, news or message with the members of the organization, some commonly used forms are as follows:

1. Memos
The most commonly used means of business communication especially among departments are memos. A memo provides a format for a concise message. Through this form, information flows across and up and down in the firm. It reflects information, makes request and provides responses and presents informal reports.

2. Interview
Sometimes management and concerned people of the organization resort to an interview or conversation to exchange their views on different issues.

3. Telephone
The use of telephone is increasing for internal communication. The size, scope and nature of organization affect the use of telephone for internal communication.

4. Report
A report is another well known medium of internal communication. A report contains information based on investigation is sent to the authority concerned. It is an excellent means of internal communication.

5. Notice Board
Such a board is used by many organizations to send a message to the employees. It must be kept up-to-date and attractive  and should be placed where employees make assembly.

6. Face to Face Discussion
Executive officers and employees many times call for a discussion and interchange views regarding the current problems. This discussion may be regular or irregular and formal or informal depending on the situation.

7. Participating in Praying
In a Muslim country there is a participation in the prayer by the officers and employers where they get the change to come close and create a relation.

8. Questionnaire and Survey
Information about employee attitude, morale and relationship between management and subordinates etc. may be collected through the use of questionnaire and surveys.

9. Fax
When departments, branches or units of an organization are scattered in different places then fax is used for communication.

10. Intranet
Due to wide use of computers now a days, on line system has given a new image in the area of communication. Such a system interconnects all the computers of an organization to create effective and fast communication.

11. Complaint and Suggestion Boxes
At some convenient places in the office or the factory, complaint and suggestion boxes are kept so that employees can drop their complaints and suggestions, if any, into the box.

12. Posters
Eye catching posters are used to communicate various norms, rules principles and ideas of an organization to make its employees aware and up-to-date.

Above discussed methods are used to communicate each branch to another branch of an organization in terms of internal communication.