Role of Marketing in The Society

Marketing is the process and through this process business and organization promote themselves and their products by communication with potential customers. Marketing promote work and increase activity for the purpose of welfare of society.

Marketing is very important for the welfare of society. Marketing helps to any country to run their economical system easily.

Business organization spends huge money on marketing to improve their sales but marketing also benefits as a whole activity.

Marketing helps to growth properly society and the society’s people. Marketing gather the power of the economical strength for society improvement.

The roles of marketing in the society are explained below.

1. Adjusting Supply with Demand
Supply and demand is a fundamental concept of economy and this concept is fulfilled by marketing activity also. The needs and requirements are fulfilled properly by marketing. At this point, the need does not increase or decrease abnormally. On the other side, the condition of demand remains normal.

Thus, marketing make equal the supply with demand and remain the price at hand and take an important role in developing for societies.

2. Proper Distribution
It is most important that to consume the product of production because by this consuming the production will be successful. Distribution for society is one of the most important things among of all work.

The role of distribution in marketing, society and in the whole economy can not be discussed in some words. Distribution properly helps to improve living standard of the consumers in the society after all in the country. Proper distribution of necessary product to the consumers at the right time does not only satisfy them in their demand but also brings change in their living standard and their requirements. Actually, it brings the positive effect in life in the society.

3. Creating Utility
Marketing is very important in creating utility. It creates time, place and possession utilities. Transport or vehicle creates place utility, storage or stock creates time utility, promotional or advertisements create information or knowledge utility etc. Marketing plays important role in the society by creating utility.

4. Research and Development
Consumers always want new and amazing product. Research and development helps to do this work properly. It is a most important tool for growing and improving your business and if the businesses improve then the society will be improved and then the country will be improved.

5. Consuming Unproduced Products
All kinds of goods do not produce in one country. Some goods produce in other country. Marketing helps to consume this goods that produce in other country. Goods are supplied by importing from other country by marketing. At a result, the consumers get chance to consume that kind of product that does not produce in that country. Thus, the consumer consumes unproduced products.

6. Facilitating Large-scale Production
The demand is increased for new product and expanded the market by marketing. The organization must produce a lot of goods for fulfilling expended market demand. As a result, the large production scale gets the proper chance.

7. Employment
Marketing creates many kind of exciting, interesting and challenging careers opportunity, like personal selling, promotional, transportation of goods, packaging of product, research and development, product design, retailing of various goods, management of all works etc.

8. Availability of Products
Society will not get the company’s products in the absence of marketing. Now, there are hundreds of new products are available in the society only because of marketing.

9. Developing Foreign Trade
There is no any country in the world today which can produce of all commodities they needs. Every country tries to produce their necessary commodities. Marketing helps the country in developing foreign trade and create a good opportunity for foreign trading.

10. Consumer Satisfaction
Marketing provides the satisfaction to the consumers by simply supplying information, goods, services, products and supply according to the consumers demand and taste. Thus, marketing improves the quality of life and satisfaction of consumers. Consumers feel satisfaction at their heart truly when they are full of information about their desire product.

11. Improving Standard of Living
Marketing helps to provide the right product to the right consumer at the right time by means of different types of way like advertising, promotional, publicity and sales promotion. Marketing thus helps to rise in the standard of living of consumers. Marketing improve the living standard of the society by creating, raising and maintaining of its responsibility and task.


In conclusion, we can say that marketing plays an important role in developing in the society. So, we can say, marketing not only develops the economic conditions of a country but also improves the standard of living to society.