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What do you mean by Insurance?

one of the main characteristics of business is Risk and Uncertainty.

The traders or business company seeks a solution from Risk and Uncertainty with the help of insurance.

Role of Accounting in Modern Business

You know, the progress of modern business organization is increasing day by day. The achievement of the modern business world has earned because of Accounting.

Actually, it is not only a good of recording process but also it provides various types of information for business organization and government to operate the business efficiently and smartly.

The Fundamental Elements of Organizational Behavior (OB)

Organizational Behaviour is a very important part of Behaviour Science. If you want to understand organizational behavior properly, you have to learn different elements about this.

What is Organizational Behavior?

Initial Word: Organizational Behavior is mixed with the two words such as Organization and Behavior. The organization is a social process where gathered a group of people with particular purpose.

What is Organization?

Organization means a group of people with a particular purpose and it is the relationship between the member for purposes such as business or government.

Definition of Economics

Economics is the study of scarcity and it is the study of how people use resources or it is the study of decision making.

Marketing Management and its Evolution

Marketing is really a very important subject for business purposes. Actually, Marketing Management is a discipline that focused on the implementation of marketing techniques and management of firms marketing resources. 

"By the provision of satisfaction of the needs of the lack of consumers to achieve institutional purpose on Marketing Program Analysis, Plan formulation, Implementation, and marketing of controls are called Marketing Management. "

16 Functions of Business

The main objective of business is that survival in the business competition by profiting.

The business organization tries to profit maximize by providing the proper utility of goods.

As a business owner, the businessman earns a profit by providing goods, service, ideas etc.